Carole Graslan is known to be an abstract painter, inspired by the outer tangible world.


The observation of the world that surrounds her, thoughts, reflections, analysis, concentration and imagination all nurture her inspiration. The paintings convey the free expression of her intuitive and emotional side. Intuitive paintings open up our imagination where mysterious worlds and life forms can evolve, creating a visual language, posing some sense of mystery and forcing the viewer to construct their own ideas. Importance lies in the individuality of each work and the individual viewer's experience. Painting is a state of being and Carole believes that in the subjective process of painting, she would find her own definition.


The complex nature of the work starts out from a great table, where the process of creation begins with the preparation of the canvas using cotton, denim or other fabric. She applies rabbit skin glue or primer in several layers before painting, a process that acquires time between layers and drying. During this process Carole is organising the space, creating different textures to obtain several planes and depths. Her chromatic language is wide but she is mainly working with oil paint. The application technique is varied, using brushes, spatulas, rags, papers, etc., and applying many thick or diluted layers, according to the concept of the project. The goal is to create reflective and honest work, permitting chance. Driven by an inner force, Graslan explores the very process of painting as she works and reworks the canvas in a free search for the essence of things. The picture surface is activated by creating a relationship between form, space, colour and line.

Graslan trained at Wimbledon School of Art and has participated in several exhibitions and art fairs. Interiors designers and private clients have also contributed to her work development by commissioning a variety of paintings.


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